Joan is a Saint

Due for a girls catch-up I head to Pope Joan in East Brunswick to meet with two friends. We had talked about it for so long and now we are here! The place was buzzing and food was good.

I had read some complaints (reviews, blogs) about serving-sizes; agreed the meals weren’t trucker-size but I guess it depends on what you are after: quality or quantity?

There is also added pressure for cafes when prices are premium ($25.00 for breakfast and coffee), and I understand that those that just want a big cheap breakfast, may not be excited about a moderate serving size of local-artisan produce.

Forrest and Field Mushrooms, goat cheese, sage and a perfectly poached egg.

Pine and field mushrooms, goat cheese with a poached egg.

The sauce on the mushrooms was sensational (wine reduction and butter?).  Only thing I’d change is the bread, which was a long crouton (very crisp) and nearing the end of this dish, I really needed some bread–not a rusk as such–to mop up the delish remains.

Pumpkin Haloumi tart with grains and a fried egg.

Pumpkin and haloumi tart with tabouleh, dukkha and fried egg.

The pumpkin pie was reported to be rather ‘noice’; wonderful flavours.

Pulled Pork roll with pickles and cheese

Pulled pork roll

My friend described this as ‘just a pork roll’ but the menu hadn’t said it was anything else! It came with gherkin and cheese on good sourdough.

The verdict

The prices here put extra pressure on things to be fabulous. If you want a bargain $10.00 fry-up Pope Joan is not for you,  but if you’re after some amazing flavours made from quality ingredients, you’ll enjoy Joan.


  • The floor-staff did a great job, it was flat-out and they kept their cool.
  • Whoever is running the kitchen deserves kudos for passion and creativity and for the focus on seasonal and local produce.
  •  Love the kids menu ideas with the right prices for junior meals.

Pope Joan – 77-79 Nicholson St, Brunswick East
VIC 3057 – (03) 9388 8858
Pope Joan



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