Almina Docklands

This is not too far from where I work so we have been here several times.

Cheese & Spinach pastry closeup Mr DeMillle!

Cheese & Spinach pastry close-up Mr DeMillle!


Ok, this labne in the middle is just amazing.

In the gorgeous warm weather we are having, it was lovely to sit outside in the Docklands and gaze at lights across the water.

Unlicensed so we had a drink at The Wool Shed shed prior – that’s Vicki cradling a glass of bubbles –  Lucky me I had my very own personal photographer or this post may not have happened!


The food is very well priced and we ordered WAY too much. The falafel and also the cheese & spinach pastries were great.

Almina crew put all leftovers in takeaway containers, so I was still eating falafel two days later.


Waaaay too much.

Another added bonus is our Lebanese friend we work with, who told stories of Lebanon, her parents and the trips (or lack of) back home; makes me realise how good we have it and how spoiled we are.


Alright, just add the labne to these two and I am set. Ok, maybe the fattoush as well.


The verdict


Food: 8/10, Service: 7/10, Value: 8/10

Almina – Shop 11-12 439 docklands drive, New Quay Docklands – 03 9090 7280



My photographer: I only employ glamorous photo journalists … the sparkles nailed the deal.


1 Comment

  1. Ellen Dharmaraj says:

    I brought said-leftovers back to my husband and he too was happy with the quality of the chicken skewers, hummus and fatoush salad. 9/10!

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